September is traditionally a month of transition. School buses are back on the streets, American football is revving up and most summer holidays are but a fond memory. We look back upon the tumult of August and welcome the cooling temperatures of autumn.

August 6th author Lin Holmes wrote an amazing blog about the mesmerizing characters coming to life in Christine’s soon-to-be-released novel Shadows Steal the Light. Lin has a way with not only words, but the uncanny ability to paint a picture of her colleague’s novels in entertaining and informative ways.

>Shadows Steal The Light - Cover<

Ginger Simpson interviewed Christine on her “Dishnin’ It Out” blog. She revealed that she had an author panel and discussion at the Union City Borders in the East Bay of San Francisco as well as another at Santana Row San Jose the very next day—August 6th  and 7th.

Borders Union City Aug 6 2010

Borders Santana Row Aug 7th 2010

Her very first review for the novel of her heart, now in print, Soul In His Eyes, came from Night Owl Romance.

“A tender and provoking tale of courage, loss, love, and adventure; a great mix for any genre.

Ms. London not only involves you in the lives of her primary and secondary characters, but you get the feeling that everyone’s souls are very much influential and integral to the happy joining of the other characters; that no one could honestly be left out and still make this book the gift it is.”

Soul In His Eyes

Christine was guest blogger over on Dawn’s Reading Nook. Owner/operator of the huge romance reader’s Yahoo loop “Love Romance’s Café”, Dawn is a welcoming hostess who encourages her guests latitude in choice of topic. Christine wrote about “Suffering For Your Art”—a blog about her very first book cover photo shoot.

Christine attended her Alma matter’s reunion of the performing arts department. A fundraiser for the arts at Palos Verdes High School, the night was filled with talent revisited and bittersweet moments of remembrance. She stood to announce her brother’s passing along with too many others who miss those who have left us too soon.

PVHS Performing Arts Dinner

Bill and Alex PVHS Aug 14, 2010

Friends Bill Bishop and Alex Kent (author/digital artist) attended with Christine.

A week in Las Vegas was capped off with luncheon at the Paris Hotel’s sidewalk café. Doesn’t the food look great?

Upcoming events: Another Dawn’s Reading Nook guest blog on Sept 15th, and a visit to colleague Roseanne Dowell’s blog on the 16th are in store. Christine is taking an online course in blogging and will participate in the October Muse free online conference. Networking with agents, editors and authors will be just some of the fun. Oct 11th-17th promises to be a stellar online experience.

Guest on Whipped Cream blog on October 15th

Saturday Oct 23rd Christine will sign books at the Manhattan Beach Barnes and Noble. The next day she will be guest of the blog of the corporate romance book buyer, Sue Grimshaw.

Coolest news of all…Christine has just signed a contract for her mini novella, Reluctant Companions with MuseIt Publishing. Tentative release date August 2011. Many of her followers got a sneak peek over on her blog a few months back. This will be her ninth release. She looks forward to many many more.  🙂

And here’s a  film review posted this month on my London BLOG at:


I went to see the popular film version of the best selling book yesterday and just read a colleague’s review. Charlene Sands is a member of my writer’s group and a multipublished author in her own right.( )
Her review got me to thinking about the film I had just seen. Here’s my take:
One who went without having yet read the book, I have started reading it and can not comment as of yet on the ‘whininess’ many seem to feel the author/character displays, but as for the film–the whole point of it was to validate a woman’s need/desire to dive internally, whether through travel or simply self reflection (as the author states at the end and most people seem to miss).
Most women come to a place and time in their lives when they reevaluate the status of their lives. It does not mean you have to dump your hubby/bf, but it does require some private reflection and the ability to believe that you are worth the time and effort to do it. Of course we all don’t have the money or luxury to spend a year abroad, but we all do have the ability to look at who we are and where we are going–self love before we are capable of being the richly giving women we can be.
Perhaps this theme would have come across more poignantly if Julia Robert’s character were not more affluent than most. Does it really take a down and out woman to speak to a generation? Perhaps you too will be able to see past her affluence to the theme beneath. Love yourself enough to spend internal time reflecting and external time enjoying your life! More women could well benefit and enrich their lives if they stopped going round and round in the day to day rat race to —smell the margarita pizza.
What do you think, dear readers?


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  1. Sounds awesome, and the food … yum. See you around the A-Z Challenge tour.
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